Catalytical Chemical Vapor Deposition (CCVD)

The market distinguishes between carbon powder (often incorrectly referred to as Nano-Carbon) and genuine CNT material, which in our case has 99.8% purity and consists only of CNTs. In essence, there are so far three known processes that have been used for the production of CNTs. These processes are sheet discharge, laser evaporation and chemical, mostly plasma-assisted gas phase deposition require a very high energy expenditure in addition to pure raw materials.

Our technology provides two different new, much simpler and therefore more cost-effective processes for producing a wide range of CNT qualities. It is a chemical-catalytic splitting of gaseous carbon compounds (e.g. hydrocarbons and CO compounds) with simultaneous construction of carbon nanotubes and graphene (process designation CCVD) in targeted different forms under controlled atmosphere. Carbon dioxide, methane, natural gas or other gaseous hydrocarbon compounds can be used as input materials. Written confirmations, material evaluations and material samples are available.